Raw Materials

Century Pulp & Paper follows local legislations closely as it is committed in the conservation of the environment and the protection of its stakeholders' interests. As a result, we adhere to major raw material requirements set by the Agro-forestry sector.

Century Pulp & Paper uses a variety of raw materials and pulpable raw material species such as eucalyptus, poplar, vineer waste, bamboo, bagasse and recycled waste paper to manufacture its products. It has the largest production capacity in India at one location, manufacturing one of the most diverse portfolio of paper products.

As a technologically advanced company, Century Pulp & Paper generates its own plantation activities by preparing high-yielding eucalyptus clones on one of the best soils in India. This increases the size of the catchment areas and fulfils our own raw material requirements.

Century Pulp & Paper has its own chemical recoveryprocess where we treat black liquor into white. This is done as black liquor is harmful to the environment when left as an effluent. The company also adopts wood-free paper manufacturing, where a chemical pulping process is used to create our products. Made from pulpwood, chemical pulp is not considered wood as most of the lignin is removed and separated from the cellulose fibres during processing. This is unlike mechanical pulp where it retains most of its wood components. In addition, wood-free paper is not as prone to yellowing as papers made of mechanical pulp.

Due to its numerous capabilities, Century Pulp & Paper is known to house one of the most complex manufacturing setups under one roof.


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