Conservation Acts

Century Pulp & Paper runs a number of forest and water conservation initiatives in line with its corporate philosophy. The application of these initiatives has received recognition within the industry for its social and environmental responsibility.

Forest conservation
  • Bagasse and recycled waste paper used as a raw material eventually helps in conservation of forests
  • ECF pulping at the new fibreline (pulp mill) is chlorine-free
  • Installation of screw presses for effluent solids to be reused
  • Steam prehydrolysis process at fibreline acts as an energy saver, helping in water conservation and reduction in effluent load
  • Discharge of AoX (absorbing organic halides) is lower than industry counterparts
  • Reuse of machine back water in the pulp mill after clarification and filtration process
  • Reuse of RGP bleaching back water for washing of bagasse
  • Ph liquor is mixed with weak black liquor, concentrated in the evaporator, and finally fired in the recovery boiler to curb pollution and generation of steam.

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