Toilet Tissue paper roll

Century Paper and Pulp is a preeminent manufacturer of the best toilet paper in India. With this, we are committed to the values that the company upholds as supreme by creating a positive impact on the society.

We believe in serving the environment by our action of employing natural and eco-friendly raw inputs so that we do not disturb the ecological balance. Thereby, we as a toilet roll manufacturer in India declare that our products are absolutely safe and trustworthy.

It is with this repute that we become a much-appreciated company catering to clients from all across the globe with our toilet tissue paper People have accepted us as the best company serving its customers with care. 

We believe we are here today because of their support and desire to stand by with us. We have always felt that their support has been hugely gainful for the company since we incepted in 1984 manufacturing India’s best toilet paper.

We are an ISO 9001, 1SO14001, OHSAS18001 and FSC C104223 certified company manufacturing premium quality toilet roll. Our tissue rolls are manufactured from 100% virgin pulp and, they are OBA-free and elemental chlorine-free so that they are safe and gentle on your skin. 

As a manufacturer of paper and related items, we adhere to all the norms and standards of the industry. We strictly believe that quality can be maintained when we adhere to all the compliances that the authorities have set on us. And Century Paper and Pulp, as a subsidiary of Century Textiles and Industries Limited, proudly declare that we have stuck to all the rules and regulations that control the industry.

With this, we say that you can trust as your partners who can satisfy your daily requirement of tissue paper and rolls.