Rayon Grade Pulp

A dissolving grade pulp, Rayon Grade Pulp is a highly purified form of cellulose made from wood and used in a wide variety of consumer applications. Century's Rayon Grade Pulp is well-accepted due to its high purity, minimal inorganic impurities, good whiteness and optimal viscosity. Uses of the pulp include Viscose Staple Fiber, Viscose Filament Yarn (for textiles and non woven products for household, hygiene, medical and industrial absorbent products) and cellophane papers.

Rayon grade pulp (RGP) is prepared and supplied to filament yarn manufacturers. With a total capacity of 3000 MT/month, the majority of pulp is used to make filament fibre, while the rest of the RGP is used to make staple fibre.



Continuous Filament Viscose Yarn, Viscose Staple Fiber, Cello Paper