• 07
    • 2022

    A journey of paper, from wood to your home!

    Paper plays a crucial part in our day-to-day life, but how often do we think about its origin? 

    Let's get to know about paper!

    Paper is a multi-purpose product originated from the wood pulp of coniferous trees, which are fast-growing. The paper is made by grinding wood logs with water in a mechanical pulping process or removing lignin in a chemical pulping process. After the raw pulping process is completed, the fiber is cleaned and inserted onto a flat wire section, where it begins to spread out and develop into a large and wide sheet. Following that, the sheet goes through a series of presses and dryers to remove any surplus water before being calendared to smooth out the paper. Before being wrapped into reels or cut into standard sheets, the desired coatings, colours, and binding agents are added. As the paper is generated, consumed, shredded, recycled, and rebuilt, it may go through the process multiple times.

    There are many types of paper used worldwide. Paper is used for printing, publishing, protecting and packaging goods, etc. Different types of papers have different properties, some papers differ slightly, and others may differ grossly. 

    Century Pulp and Paper has the largest production capacity in India at one location, manufacturing one of the most diverse portfolios of paper products. The company offers a wide range of paper that can be used for writing, printing books, producing a wide range of stationery such as notebooks and envelopes. The entry-level paper variety consists of creamwove, maplitho, and coated paper. These papers top the list when it comes to the demand for entry-level paper varieties. Even though the higher-quality paper is gaining market share, entry-level variants still account for the majority of demand. The printing paper by Century Pulp and Paper is specially designed for printing books, notebooks, and documents. The printing paper embraces fast ink-trapping and drying qualities, as well as dimensional stability.  

    Other than writing and printing paper, Century Pulp and Paper offers a wide range of paper products like copiers, industrial paper, etc. The company caters to the demand for paper without affecting mother Earth.