• 21
    • 2022

    Tissues, Your unseen companion while traveling with kids. 

    Nowadays travel is considered to be very important for our kids. It matters a lot for their education and for their health. And thus paper napkin tissues are mandatory to make your travel easy, hygienic, and spot-free with kids! So if you forget to pack a solid premium set of tissues like Century Pulp and Paper's napkin tissue rolls for kids, you might find yourself at the mercy of flimsy tissues that tear too easily. The most practical features are often that they are compact and don't take up a lot of space in the bag.

     What makes napkin tissues a must-have for traveling with kids?

    Kids adore messy things as much as they adore outdoor travels. So paper napkin tissue becomes virtually indispensable for all parents out there. It’s virtually impossible to explain how much you get to use it, for instance, the crazy accidental food/milk/water spill could spoil your clothes/car seats if it weren’t for a good set of napkin paper at your disposal. 

    Reasons why paper napkins are life saviors for parents?

    Baby tissue napkins don’t require any water and they come in handy

    Fewer spills and mess when the kids are helping with dinner

    Preparing for your trip with kids is easy when you keep napkin tissues handy

    Handwashing with tissues is quick and easy during covid times

    Avoid Messy Fingers Getting Sticky

    For pee spills on fabric

    For sick baby incidents

    Why do we need to use paper napkin tissues and not regular napkins?

    Paper napkin materials like wood pulp and cotton fibers and their durability are what make paper napkin tissues safe and soft in the eyes of your children. As per a population study, the American Academy of Pediatrics recommended using paper napkin tissues for children. Hence, patients, parents, and doctors commonly use paper napkins and tissues for children. During pandemic threats parents of young ones feel the most concerned about hygiene, hence keeping tissue paper handy becomes imperative. 

    How to choose the best travel set for kids?

    If your kids love to travel and you want to keep them happy and entertained while the hours fly by, you will need to buy the right travel set. Besides, clothing, medicines, diaper, food items; keeping the right roll of paper napkins that are steady and durable, is also important. An all-purpose tissue napkin roll that’s easy to clean and soft on the skin will make your life easier during your trip with kids.


    There’s a famous saying: “A man without his napkin is like a fish without water.” If you’re not taking your favorite napkin tissues with you when you leave home, you should. Try out the Century Pulp and Paper's premium paper napkin roll range. They might seem like a small factor, but they matter to your happiness while traveling.