• 26
    • 2021

    Good Health comes with Good Hygiene

    Good hygiene is imperative to stay healthy. 

    Various global studies show that hygiene and health are interconnected. Facial tissue, pocket tissues, wet wipes, bathroom tissues, paper napkins all play an integral role in maintaining hygienic, cleaner and safer surroundings.

    These biodegradable wellness solutions function exceptionally well to promote hygiene and hence, in turn prevents the spread of germs and disease. 

    The present scenario has shown us just how imperative keeping our hands clean is. It’s not only about washing them properly but also drying them properly. A study done in 2006 found that hand washing can cut the risk of respiratory infection by 16 percent and a study done in 2008 showed a 21 percent reduction.

    Even W.H.O. also appears to favour the use of paper towels in its recommendations with respect to hand hygiene.

    Planning is always better than panicking. We all can slow or even prevent the spread of diseases by following basic hygiene measures. By taking baby steps like covering, one’s mouth and nose with a flexed elbow or tissue while sneezing, washing and drying hands at regular intervals, keeping our surroundings clean etc. can help us win not only the current battle against COVID-19 but will also help us a build a safe and hygienic place for future generations to come.

    Like many developing countries, unfortunately India too has a low awareness on hygiene solutions. To bridge the gap and provide consumers with the best of products in the market, Century Pulp and Paper under the brand name, BIRLACare launched a refreshing range of eco-friendly and biodegradable hygiene and wellness solutions in the form of Pocket Tissues and Wet Wipes.

    Sources: World Health Organization, The Harvard Gazette