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    • 2021

    Not all tissues have the same purpose!!

    Not all tissues have the same purpose!!

    It is difficult to imagine a day without tissue. We all use tissue at some point or other in our day, be it toilet tissue, kitchen towels, facial tissue, and paper napkins. All tissues are different and have different purposes. Read on to know the uses of different tissues in detail:

    Toilet Tissue: Toilet tissue is a lightweight paper that has become an essential commodity for daily life. The tissue comes in rolls and is used for cleaning and wiping the body. The quality of the tissue paper is determined by the number of plies and fibre quality. It is also known as bathroom tissue.

    Kitchen towel: A kitchen towel is an absorbent and disposable towel made from paper. It is a biodegradable and sustainable towel used for cleaning up spills, wiping windows, and dusting other surfaces. It is also known as a paper towel.

    Facial tissue: Facial tissue is a thin, soft, and absorbent sheet of paper suitable for cleaning the face and hands. It is also known as a paper handkerchief. 

    Paper napkin:  Paper napkin is a small and folded square paper. It is used at the table for wiping the mouth and fingers while eating. It is also known as a serviette. 

    By choosing tissue paper for daily use, you make a sustainable choice. Trees have an average growing cycle of 50 years, so the industry has always had to think long-term. By regrowing and regenerating its raw material, it provides a sustainable resource for our planet. 

    (Source - European Tissue Symposium) 

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