• 23
    • 2021

    Paper tissue, a hand drying method that is best for you and the environment.

    There are different methods used for drying hands. These methods vary from paper tissues, cloth towels to warm air dryers or jet air dryers. So, which hand drying method should you choose? According to studies, paper tissue is a clever choice for drying hands as it offers the most hygienic option. Electric hand drying devices can spread pathogenic micro-organisms that can be harmful to you and the environment. 


    As per an article published by europeantissue.com, "An observational study of almost 4,000 people at the Interclean trade fair confirms that the vast majority of users prefer paper towels over jet air dryers for hand drying in public washrooms. The study observed the behaviour of visitors in the men’s and women’s facilities. Although each washroom offered both a jet air dryer and paper, 90% or more of both men and women chose to dry their hands with paper towels. Some of the jet air dryer users even used paper tissue to finish drying their hands."

    Using absorbent paper tissue is the most hygienic way to clean your hands. It is eco-friendly and energy-efficient, made from virgin pulp that does not require electricity to run. So, when you choose paper tissue, you choose environmental sustainability, and Century Pulp and paper is one of the most responsible manufacturers in the country taking complete care of the environment as well as the community. 

    So, be wise, and choose paper tissue over hand-drying electronic devices for better hygiene and environmental sustainability.

    Source: Europeantissue.com