• 26
    • 2021

    Pulp and Paper Industry- Growing at a Steady Pace

    The Pulp and Paper industry has been around since ages and plays an integral part in our day to day lives. Right from napkins to disposables to even packaging materials, we use paper much more than we generally think about. More often than not, we ignore or do not pay attention to the fact that paper is all around us.

    There is also a growing narrative that makes us a little sceptical about using paper products.  The narrative is that the paper industry affects the environment adversely and does more harm than good. However, the same isn’t true.

    Do you know that the paper, pulp and print sector is one of the lowest industrial emitters of greenhouse gases, accounting for 1% of global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions?

    India’s paper industry is expected to grow at 6 to 7 percent year over year. Paper made products like filter paper, tea bags, tissue paper, medical grade coated paper, light weight online coated paper etc. are significantly rising in terms of usage in Indian markets hence Paper industry in India can look to have an extremely positive intent ahead. The Paper industry is primarily based on renewable raw materials. There is a major focus on generating less waste and recycling.

    "The tissue paper segment is growing relatively fast in the overall paper sector. In fact, the growth in the category has been around 10-12% which is seemingly a good growth rate and the future seems to be very promising. Also, the potential of the segment is certainly very high, keeping in view the level of awareness related to hygiene that has been created with the outbreak of the pandemic. This has correlated the usage of tissue paper products with the concepts of health and wellness.” says Mr. J.P. Narain, CEO, Century Pulp and Paper

    To do its bit towards Mother Earth, Century Pulp and Paper believes and constantly strives to create a circular economy. The conscious decision of looking for solutions that are not only good for us but Mother Earth too will help each one of us do our bit in protecting the environment.

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